Pointers to Preventing Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the practice of using the work of someone else and then passing them off as your own. It is considered as a serious ethical offense in the academe and the industry. In the academe, the most common culprits are the students who create written works containing plagiarized parts. Some are aware that they have committed plagiarism indeed while some do not know that what they have done is already considered as plagiarism. In the industry, plagiarism occurs most often in the internet where bloggers and online writers copy the work done by other people. For instance, published articles and contents on the internet may get copied by people so that they can also post the same thing in their own websites.

What these plagiarizers do not know that plagiarism is really considered a serious ethical offense. For that reason, offenders can get punished heavily for committing it. That is why, if you are smart enough to prevent plagiarism on your own, you should use the free plagiarism checker. In addition, you should know some pointers to preventing plagiarism. Some of them are discussed below in this article.

Acknowledge the Source of Ideas, Expressions, and Thoughts

The practice of plagiarism is so broad and sensitive nowadays that even just a simple hint of plagiarism will already be considered serious ethical offense. For instance, failure to acknowledge the sources of all the ideas you have borrowed for your text can already be considered as plagiarism. Therefore, as much as possible, acknowledge all of the sources of your ideas so that you will not get punished for seemingly committing plagiarism. You can do this with the use of citations and quotations and also referencing if needed.

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Informing the Readers

If you do not want to use citations, you can directly acknowledge the sources of your information by including a sentence saying that you have borrowed a certain idea or sentence from another author which you have incorporated into the text. Therefore, the readers of your paper will realize those parts in your paper that are originally yours and also those that are not really yours. Doing so will help them distinguish between your original ideas from those ideas that you have borrowed. With that, it will not appear to them as if you have stolen the ideas of other people.

Free Plagiarism Check

Another effective was to avoid plagiarism is to use a free plagiarism checker. Such a website will allow you to detect for duplicate contents and also indicate to you the percent originality of your work. With this, you can know if your paper has committed plagiarism and therefore modify it if it did commit plagiarism.readmore gta 5 free download