Noise cancelling headphones

The market for noie cancelling headphones has changed dramatically over the past few years. Models that fully cover their ears have become so popular that many manufacturers have come to meet customers. At the same time, some of them “fell into the trap” from the fact that they do not have the experience of producing similar headphones.

But others, like Sennheiser, produced practical models, putting them on, falling in love with the sound of musical compositions and enjoying the comfort of wearing and, importantly, their stylish performance.


Several models of Sennheiser headphones are still in the classical design today, but this does not prevent them from being ultra-modern and very technological. Momentum Sennheiser – maximum comfort and attractive appearance for anyone who would like to buy great headphones for listening to music

noise cancelling headphones

In the design there are no unfinished little things, everything is reconciled and everything is thought out.

The production uses natural fabric and artificial leather, special sponges, so as to comfortably hold the headphones to the head. The pads are reasonably small. Before you buy a model, be sure to try it on.

If you have large ears, then you may be uncomfortable. The ears of Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones are very comfortable: the skin is wrapped around the outer contour of the headband, soft upholstery on top and the elastic inner part made of a porous fabric to avoid overheating.

Take a closer look at this model, and you can not tear off their eyes, to such an extent they are beautiful and practical. The modern style of their execution, multiplied by many years of experience, made it possible to apply interesting finishes and escape from boring colors. An adult will feel very stylish and comfortable in them, not to mention young people.

At the same time, the convenient weighting of the entire system and the convenient holder do not create an impression of miniature, nor excessive weight or bulkiness.

A strip of flexible metal that bends around the head for fastening the base of the headphones cup is convenient and practical. At the same time, you can independently install the size of the headband that you need with the help of fasteners.

Cable and accessories

Momentum Sennheiser is designed for mobile use. The cable is removable, which makes it easy to replace if damaged. Its length is 1.2 m, and it has three buttons of a remote control compatible with iPhone and iPod. Headphones allow you to control music playback, as well as receive calls, right on the go, thanks to the built-in microphone.

The 3.5 mm jack is used with a hinge, which is not very common for such plugs, however, it is very convenient if the player is in your pocket.

Along with the headphones, the kit has an excellent and very stylish semi-rigid cover, an adapter from 3.5 to 6.3 mm, and an additional cable. In this case, there is no active noise reduction in the headphones. But usually in this class of such noise cancelling headphones this is not provided.