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The practice which confers legal effect under current Italian legislation is the affidavit; the sworn oath or expertise is obtained when a translator goes to court and through the sworn and affixing stamps gives legal effect to the translation.

Team Foreign bodies and authorities increasingly require our customers simple certified translations, adapting their requirement to the laws in force in the foreign country (where there are no such as stamps). Accustomed to the fact that overseas translators can self-certify your translations, being recognized category, shall not require the certified translation Court stamps nor present.

Foreign authorities often claim that the certified translation is accompanied by a statement by the translator or translation agency, indicating their personal and contact details and that you have done the translation to the best of their abilities and respecting the original text.

Our agency releases every week several certified translations, the translation agency letterhead and paginated enclosing the self-certification of the translator who has done the job. The procedure is very simple and you can start conveniently online.

A notarized translation (or certified) implies, given its fundamental importance often, care and expertise out of the ordinary. Uses only the best translators with experience in legal studies, providing its customers with the best possible result.

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Translation degree certificates, diplomas, certificates and doctors.

The translation of legal documents is sometimes mistakenly confused with legalization. For a legal document translation resulting from it must preserve its legal value, albeit converted into a new language.

The language and terminology specific to this area are based on a very precise glossary that our certified translator knows and can master. Our employees are aware of the relevance of the outcome of the work and operate using translation memories, glossaries and dictionaries technicians.

The certified translation is completed in court with the rite of the translator, which accomplishes the asseveration. Legalizing the translation implies a further additional step required when the certified translation must be filed abroad. In this case you have to legalize the document addressing the Prosecutor’s Office of the same court where it was attested. A stamp will certify the legal status of those who have signed the text.

We take care of both practices, providing our customers every day their full translation, with legal validity, and ready for use.

How much does a certified translation

The Agency offers affordable and economic professional certified translation: the translation fee will be counted based on the language combination and the number of words. The certification fee is very low and it is only the cost of shipping.

The cost of the certified translation therefore is inferior and therefore is a more advantageous, because requires the affixing of stamps on the documents.

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Languages available

We professionally certified translations in: Italian, French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese. The Agency may also, at the express request, translate into other languages not on this list, ensuring the customer a full coverage of their needs.

Certified translations in all Italy

Our translation agency operates from Udine to customers worldwide; certified translations that we are sent to customers from all over Italy, such as Rome, Bari, Bologna, Verona, Bergamo, Turin, Naples, Padua and Florence.

If you are looking for a certified translation service in Milan for example we are at your disposal.